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Black Religious Trauma

Honoring Our Faith, Reclaiming Our Power. Embracing Our Healing.

Welcome to a sacred space we have created to foster healing and restoration of those who have experienced the complexities of African-American Christianity and the impact on one’s spiritual journey.

While we recognize that while faith has been a source of strength, it can be intertwined with experiences of abuse, trauma, and neglect. We want to offer compassionate support and resources tailored to your needs.

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Understanding The Journey

The Historical Legacy of African-American Spirituality

Discuss the rich history and cultural significance of African American spirituality, recognizing its role as a source of resilience, identity, and community within the Black experience.

Navigating Spiritual Abuse

Acknowledge and validate the pain resulting from the lived experiences of spiritual abuse. Explore the dynamics of power, control, and manipulation that can occur within religious contexts, and provide insights into recognizing and healing from these wounds.

Unpacking Black Religious Trauma

Shed light on the impact of religious trauma on the spiritual, emotional, and mental well-being. Cultivate an understanding of the complex interplay between race, faith, identity, and trauma, and offer pathways to healing and reclaiming personal agency.


Therapeutic Support

Access compassionate and culturally sensitive therapeutic support from professionals experienced in addressing religious trauma. Our therapists provide a safe and nurturing environment to explore your unique experiences and guide you on the path to healing.

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Community of Resilience

Connect with a supportive community of individuals who share similar experiences. Join support groups, engage in healing circles, and participate in communal rituals that honor our shared journey of reclaiming spiritual wholeness. Learn more by clicking the button below about our Black Religious Trauma Recovery Network, meetup group.


Recovery Resources

Access a curated collection of podcast episodes specifically designed to support your healing journey. These resources offer valuable insights, tools, and guidance to navigate the complexities of religious trauma and reclaim your spiritual power.

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