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Working with Nikki G.

“I educate and empower survivors of narcissistic relationships, religious trauma and cults to see, feel, and heal the wounds from the years of abuse, so that they can reclaim their lives.”

What's Included?

When you work with Nikki G, you get psycho-education, workable tools to heal, thrive and recover, and a safe community in which you can connect with other survivors who have similar and relatable experiences. Keep reading to see what each of these looks like.


Helping you to see the cycles and energetic patterns that play a part in being drawn into the snare of  narcissistic relationships and cultic communities. ​

Teaching on how trauma from these abuses disconnects us from ourselves and others.


Learning the tools to see yourself and establish a relationship with yourself.

Creating a reality in which healthy relationships can be achieved in the future.

Safe Community

​Providing a safe community including validation, empathy and authentic connection.  Support groups to connect with others who have walked similar paths and are finding their way home to themselves.

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After working with Nikki G, you will realize that…

  • You have personal power and more control over your life than you ever knew.

  • You can take back your life from the multiple abusers and abuses you have survived.

  • You can grab the pen that the cult leaders and narcissists used to write in your life’s book, and now use it to write your own story. 

  • You are not a victim but a survivor and reclaimer of your life.

Lisa (Client)

“I’m so grateful to have Nikki as my coach. It’s not easy to find someone who can understand where you are coming from, especially when you’ve faced an abuse that’s not physical nor understood by the majority. What I like about her sessions is that she really focuses on directing you to create a better life that you deserve. Apart from the support, acknowledgement, and ability to relate, she really focuses on helping you to navigate your situation to healing and building a new life.”

Dee (Client)

“I am so glad that found Nikki G and made the decision for her to be my coach! As a survivor of religious trauma and spiritual abuse, I have found it to be so difficult to find mental health professionals who have knowledge, understanding and expertise around the topic of religious trauma. Nikki’s knowledge and lived experience helped me be comfortable enough to no longer pretend that my trauma was affecting me, but a desire to finally face it, and a safe space to start my recovery layer by layer. Nikki’s is so for survivors of religious trauma! She makes it so evident, even during the discovery calls, and that perspective remains constant in each session. Nikki has helped me to understand the religious trauma I experienced and has given me so many tools and modalities to help me continue to recover from my past. I can see the changes in my life and so does my family and friends after making her my coach. I am so grateful for Nikki’s wisdom and support and would recommend her to any survivor out there needing to make sense of the religious trauma they experienced.

Kay (client)

In making Nikki my trauma recovery coach, I found her to be very open, transparent, and patient. Her coaching sessions allowed me to be myself, open up. She was also non-judgemental of my thoughts, questions, and how I was feeling towards my spirituality, church and God. She was extremely helpful. Since I have started my journey of deconstructing religious foolishness from my mind and life, Nikki has been there, even between sessions,  if I needed to email or occasionally text. Her resources are helpful and she causes you to really dig deep and think of what you really desire out of life. After our sessions, I went on to get therapy with my old therapist, and she was extremely happy to see my growth and thought pattern regarding my life. I know that the sessions with Nikki really helped me. If you are considering Nikki as a coach or signing up for one of her coaching programs, please go ahead and do it, you will thank me later!

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