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Turning the Page Collective

A Collective that Encourages You to Turn the Page from Your Past and Write Anew the Story for your Future!

Many religious trauma and cult survivors have either left their communities begrudgingly or were ostracized and excommunicated by the leaders...

Find Out What Safe & Supportive Community Truly Feels Like.

The Power of Community

Experiencing healing in safe community is a practical, affordable, and intentional way to invest in your healing and recovery.

Female Friends
Receive Education, Resources, & Support so that you never have to repeat the cycle again.
Digital social media

Relieve Loneliness & Isolation

The recovery process for survivors of religious trauma, cult involvement and narcissistic abuse can feel difficult, isolating, and overwhelming. Getting support from other individuals who have shared experiences and are in the rebuilding process, can be inspiring.

Get Away From Social Media

We all know that social media can be triggering & affect our mental health & self worth.  And on top of that, many of these apps don't provide enough safety measures for survivors to connect & thrive.

A Supportive Hug

Hosted by Nikki G. owner of Nikki G. Speaks, LLC

Nikki G. is a Life Coach and Advanced Certified Trauma Recovery Coach (in training) who helps survivors recover and thrive after Narcissistic Abuse, Religious Trauma/Spiritual Abuse & Cult involvement/High Demand Groups.

"Why Should I Even Consider this Collective"?

Because let's face it, we wanted the community and belonging that we THOUGHT we were getting in the harmful communities and environments we found ourselves in...and we still do.  Safety is important to us and we deserve just that.  This community provides that & so much more!

This online collective is for you if you experienced trauma from:

Various Narcissistic Abuse Relationships 

  • Parental & Family Systems

  • Spouses & various romantic partners

  • Friendships

  • Supervisors & Employers

  • Religious & Spiritual Leaders

  • And more

Spiritual/Religious Abuse & Religious Trauma 

  • Purity Culture

  • Doctrine of Hell

  • End-time Events & Rapture

  • Magical Thinking

  • Christian Nationalism

  • Indoctrination

  • And more

Various Cults & High-demand Groups

  • 1st & 2nd generation cult survivors

  • Religious, Spiritual Cults

  • Doomsday Cults

  • Political Cults

  • Conspiracy Theory Cults

  • New Age Cults

  • And more

Turning the Page Collective also supports: 
  • Family members & friends of loved ones who are involved in cults 

  • Those who are in their deconstruction and reconstruction phase

  • Parents whose young adult children have become involved in cults on college campuses

  • Parents co-parenting with a narcissistic ex 

  • Adult Pastor’s Kids (PK Kids)

  • Former Leaders who worked alongside Religious Abusive Leaders and have left that role.

Come be apart of this budding collective at an affordable price! Sign up now! Turning the Page Collective Doors open - February 1st, 2024! 

All Hands In

Safe Community is Powerful.  Join us as we heal, turn the page, & rewrite our stories!

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