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Speaking & Educational Services

Professional Speaking & Education Engagements with Nikki G.

  • 2 hr
  • TBD
  • US

Service Description

As a professional speaker, Nikki G. is available to present at various speaking events such as summits, conferences, universities, organizations, etc. She is also available to appear on podcasts, mastermind groups, support groups and more. Some popular topics Nikki is available to present on: *My survivor story (Narcissistic Relationships, Religious Trauma, & Cults) *Spiritual Narcissism *The Narcissistic Family System *Narcissistic Relationships (Romantic, Friendships, Employers) *Recovery from Narcissistic Relationships *What is Spiritual Abuse/Religious Trauma? *What is RTS (Religious Trauma Syndrome) and ways to recover? *What does a cult or high-demand group look like? *Signs of cult recruitment *There is life after cults *Vulnerabilities to a cults, conspiracy theory & destructive political groups *The New Apostolic Reformation, Dominionism, 7 Mountain Mandate *And more!

Contact Details

  • Texas, USA

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